How to Load Model in Keras

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To load a pre-trained Keras model from a saved file, you can use the load_model function from the keras.models module. Here’s how to do it:

# Import necessary libraries
import keras
from keras.models import load_model

# Load the pre-trained Keras model from a file
loaded_model = load_model('my_keras_model.h5')  # Replace 'my_keras_model.h5' with the path to your model file

# Now, you can use 'loaded_model' for predictions, fine-tuning, or other tasks

In this code:

  1. Import the necessary Keras libraries.
  2. Use the load_model function to load a Keras model from the specified file. Make sure to replace 'my_keras_model.h5' with the actual path to your model file.

After running this code, the loaded_model will contain the architecture and weights of the pre-trained model, and you can use it for various tasks such as making predictions, fine-tuning, or further analysis.